"Dr. Hekmati has been my physician for 8 years. He is the best doctor I have ever had—he is kind, compassionate, attentive, and meticulous in his diagnosis and treatment.

Not only is he competent in the science of medicine, but he actually practices the art of medicine, a rarity in this day and age. His office staff universally reflect his values, and all interactions are warm and caring. I consider myself very lucky to have found him!!

–Andrea Hoffman Kachuck, MD

"Dr Arman Hekmati is not only a great doctor, he is an amazing individual.

He was originally my daughters physician, and we watched as he took care of her mother-in- law stricken with terminal cancer. He cared for her and comforted her, never tired to take her calls or to visit her.

When my elderly mother had a sudden illness I called him and he literally "saved her life". From that day forward I became his patient as well.

When my husband, also a physician, became very ill and was diagnosed incorrectly elsewhere, we turned to Dr Hekmati who admitted him to Cedars immediately and had a whole surgical team available that night to perform emergency surgery saving him from permanent neurological damage.

Dr Hekmati listens with respect and concern offering the best that both "traditional" and "modern medicine" have to offer.

It is my pleasure to recommend him.

–Sharon Grossman and Irwin Grossman M.D.

"Arman Hekmati has been my physician for more than 15 years. He also has been our family doctor, caring for my husband, our grown son, his new wife and our grown daughter.

After a valiant effort, my husband recently succumbed to lung cancer. The loving and thoughtful care that Dr. Hekmati provided to my husband and our family during my husband's illness is a testament as to why he is unique as a physician.

Always available to his patients, he is a brilliant diagnostician who, if necessary, is willing to bring together a team of "top" experts in specialized fields to solve the patient's medical problems. I have benefit ted greatly from his holistic approach to medicine.

He has managed my healthcare with the same diligence as he managed the critical illness of my husband. So whether it is routine medical maintenance or something more serious, Dr. Hekmati is the only doctor I would recommend.

–Lois Miller, age 61
President, Nielsen Global Automotive

"Dr. Arman Hekmati is highly respected by me and my family members whom he has treated for many years. His professional response to our medical needs, as well as answering our questions and listening to our concerns is always met with 100% clarity. It is our good fortune to have him as our family physician and hopefully for many years to come.

Anna Kwong RN

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hekmati for the last 10 years. From my first visit, I appreciated his mind, body, spirit approach to practicing medicine. In my experience, he is concerned with the whole person and has a personal approach that I appreciate.

He has always been very helpful and thorough with his excellent care and advice. He has seen my whole family, at times when there doctors were not available, he has always been good about getting them in on short notice. When necessary, he has referred me to various specialists, who I have found to be excellent doctors as well.

I am very thankful to have him as my doctor.

Roxanne Storey

"I have been a patient of Dr. Hekmati for a very long time. He has kept me healthy because he cares.

Thank you,
From an 85 years old man

Robert Clary

"Dr. Hekmati is that rare physician who takes personal responsibility for his patient's health. He takes the time, asks the right questions, and analyzes—so he truly understands the scope and nature of the medical issues. After diagnosis and treatment, he follows up. He will call (and call again) because he genuinely cares. My family feels lucky to have him as our physician.

Ken Orkin